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Private Equity Info is a leading source of information on private equity buyout firms, their investment interests, portfolio companies, and professional biographies. Featuring a regularly updated database of hundreds of firms and thousands of contacts, Private Equity Info is a valuable resource for information on financial buyers, mezzanine investors and hedge funds.
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Our Databases

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Private Equity Firms Database
Perform powerful, targeted searches using our proprietary databases of private equity firms, their investment interests, portfolio companies and professional bios.
3,322 Private Equity Firms
View private equity buyout firms, their contact information, acquisition criteria, industries of investment interest, geographic investment preferences and much more. (Excludes venture capital firms, angel investors, fund of funds and other extraneous noise from the data set).
72,693 Portfolio Companies
Provides company name, web address and business description of private equity portfolio companies.
37,741 Private Equity Professional Bios
Shows name, title, firm name, email address (when available) and biography of key private equity professionals.
Mezzanine Investors Database
271 Mezzanine Investors
Search U.S. mezzanine investment firms by state and alphabetically and view their contact information.
Hedge Fund Database
4,249 Hedge Funds
Search SEC-registered hedge funds by name, state, number of employees, assets under management and number of client accounts. View contact information, key executives and owners, client types, compensation arrangement, services offered and private funds operated.
21,080 Private Funds
View the private funds operated by the SEC-registered hedge funds, including the fund name, asset size and the minimum investment required for each fund.
Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC) Database
328 U.S. Small Business Investment Companies
Search U.S. SBIC firms by state and alphabetically. View their contact information and investment criteria.
Valuation Firms Database
359 Valuation Service Providers
Search U.S. valuation firms by state and alphabetically and view their contact information.
M&A Advisory Firms Database
2,843 M&A Advisory Firms
Search advisory firms by typical deal size, location or alphabetically. View the firmís contact information.
28,562 Senior-Level M&A Professionals
Shows name, title, email address and professional biography of key investment banking professionals.
Real Estate Investors Database
1,238 Real Estate Investors
Search U.S. real estate investors by state, investment focus or alphabetically. View their contact information and general comments about the firms.
Senior Lenders Database
5,071 Senior Lenders
Search senior lenders by location of headquarters, loan types & purposes, number of offices or alphabetically. View the firmís contact information, number of locations, loan types and general comments.
Public Companies Database
2,719 Public Companies
Keyword search public company business profiles or search the firms alphabetically. View the companyís contact information, business description, SIC code, exchange and ticker symbol. Link directly to the Companyís financials presented by Google finance.


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